5 important things to know when traveling to Fiji

It’s been 5 weeks since we arrived in Fiji. As we have visited many areas and learned a lot about the Fijian culture, we thought we would share with you a list of 10 important things to know about the country in order to prepare your future trip to Fiji!

Travel in the Fiji Islands, time management.

For Fijians, the notion of punctuality is very different (if not non-existent) compared to North American culture. The bus may come 30 to 40 minutes before or after the scheduled time, receiving a meal order at a restaurant may take 30 to 45 minutes, and often no one feels responsible for getting to an important event on time!

The hotel during your stay in the fiji islands

When you focus on backpacker accommodations, the average rate per night is $35 FJD per person. All-inclusive hotels often offer a dormitory option, but note that there can be up to 40 beds per room! For a quieter option and an experience between the world of hotels and villages, you can book a tent with a bed inside as offered at Isa Lei Glampsite. The rate includes 3 meals per day.

The food during your stay in Fiji

In the villages: We eat mainly rice, fish and cassava (a vegetable similar to a potato, but denser).

In the all-inclusive hotels: The food is more Americanized. You can eat pasta, hamburgers or even pizza. Meals are usually sold as a combo for the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for a fee of about $85 FDJ per day per person.

In major centers: A large concentration of restaurants serve Indian food. The reason being that the Indian population is the second most important culture in the country.

The water in Fiji island

In the big cities like Nadi, Suva and in most all-inclusive hotels, tap water is good to drink. If you prefer to buy bottled water, Island Chill is the cheapest brand (about $1.75 FJD per 1.5L bottle).

The culture of the inhabitants of the Fiji Islands

In the villages, everyone eats sitting on the ground. The women on one side and the men on the other. The host family lets their guests eat first and they will eat only after the guests have finished eating. It looks like we are being watched eating, but this is a normal way of life for Fijians.

To have internet during his stay in the Fiji Islands

Free wifi in accommodations is not common. It is therefore preferable, if you often need internet, to buy an internet data plan. The price is 25$ FDJ for a total of 8GB. Then if you have more than one device that requires an internet connection, the trick is to share the mobile network with them. But, note that the network reception is not always fantastic. In general, in major centers, the connection is relatively good, but on the islands, it is another story: it is often very weak or even non-existent.