Travel to Fiji and go snorkeling, discover the seabed

Coming to Fiji and not diving is like going to a restaurant and not eating. Underneath all that blue water are thousands of species of fish and colorful corals, making this country a very attractive destination for marine enthusiasts. Whether you are a certified diver or simply a snorkeler, Fiji offers many different activities to suit all tastes!

Taveuni Island : Rainbw Reef the most beautiful island in Fiji

If you’re the type of person who likes to go on quiet dives to observe different species of fish and corals, a trip to Taveuni is a must. Known as the capital of soft corals, you will be amazed by the hundreds of different species of fish, the endless colors and the breathtaking corals.

Here, we recommend visiting Taveuni Ocean Sports, the best diving company we have ever dealt with in the world! A motivated, fun, educational, but above all very professional team. The cost is 285$ FJD per person and includes equipment rental for two dives. If you are not a certified diver, it is also possible to stay on the surface and snorkel for a lower price. This way, everyone can witness the underwater beauty of Rainbow Reef!

Touring Pacifi Harbour : Shark Reef

If you’re less excited about small fish but are drawn to sharks, a stop at Pacific Harbour is well worth it. Here you have the chance to dive in a controlled environment where dozens of bulldog sharks, one of the most aggressive and dangerous species of shark, are fed before your eyes. As the site has been in existence for many years and the sharks are used to being fed and visited by humans, it is actually very safe! It is also one of the only places in the world where you can see these sharks without having to be in a cage.

There are two companies operating in the area and both are excellent: Beqa Adventure Divers and Aquatrek. The cost is about $400 FJD per person and includes two dives, equipment rental and fees to enter the marine reserve. As this is a very popular activity, you should definitely book your place a few weeks in advance!

Discover the yasawa islands and the manta rays during your trip to fiji

If big sharks scare you but you still want to see something big, we recommend snorkeling with manta rays on the Yasawa Islands! You can stay at the Barefoot Manta Island Resort, the all-inclusive hotel closest to the dive site.

For a minimal fee of $35 FJD per person, you will have the chance to spend a good hour in the water with these majestic sea creatures and watch them eat. They will give you quite a show! Since manta rays are very present at this location between May and October, the Fiji government is in the process of making this site a national marine reserve so that they can better study the habits of this marine animal.

Of course, you can also visit various wrecks, caves and other places in Fiji. Whatever you are interested in, there is something for you to see under the waters of this country!

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